It is probably safe to assume that your vagina’s pH level is not the first concern that comes to your mind when you think about menstrual hygiene. Nonetheless, it is an important factor that will help to keep your intimate area healthy by reducing infections, itchiness and symptoms of discomfort.

In conjunction with Menstrual Hygiene Day, here is all you need to know about maintaining a healthy vaginal pH level especially during menstruation.

Know your pH

Moderately acidic between pH levels of 3.8 to 4.5, that’s the pH level range of a healthy vagina for a woman of reproductive age. A healthy pH level in your vagina creates an environment that controls the growth of bacteria and yeast. This serves as a protective barrier that helps prevent infections. However, some circumstances can lead to imbalanced vaginal pH such as menstrual blood1 and this may put a woman at a higher risk of infections.2

How to maintain a healthy pH level

One way to maintain a healthy vaginal pH level is to avoid the use of harsh soaps when cleaning your intimate area. Harsh soaps can increase your vaginal pH levels and concurrently create an environment for bacteria to grow. 1

Instead, opt for a mild cleanser that will effectively clean your intimate area and maintain a balance in your vaginal pH level.1 Every decision that you make pertaining to feminine hygiene can influence your vaginal pH levels. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your chosen feminine care products are safe and will not disrupt your vagina’s natural pH balance.

The BETADINE® range of daily feminine washes go beyond just freshness as they have a specially designed triple care formula to help maintain a healthy pH balance, soothe delicate skin and keep you feeling fresh as you go about your day. Ultimately, a clean and healthy intimate area is every woman’s need to enjoy every moment of her life including during red days.



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