Created by Mundipharma, BETAPROTECT® is a digital app designed to promote proper hand hygiene among young children and their families in an effort to cultivate the good habit of hand hygiene. The World Health Organisation considers hand hygiene to be the most important measure to avoid the transmission of harmful germs and prevent health care associated infections. Children are more susceptible to catching and passing on germs and studies show that when they learn new habits these are often passed on to elder members of their family. Scientific studies have shown that hand hygiene interventions have a positive effect on infection control and subsequent reduction in absenteeism rates in pre-schools.


To address this, BETAPROTECT® includes an interactive gaming experience, animated graphics of eight critical hand washing steps and a sing-a-long song. Motion tracking technology is employed to assess the quality of hand wash with stars granted for success, which motivates the user to improve their scores and develop good hand hygiene habits.


We hope you enjoy this app as much as we have enjoyed developing it.


Happy Handwashing!


®: BETADINE and BETAPROTECT are Registered Trademarks of Mundipharma

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